First Overall PANACEA, Gus MacDonald
First-to-Finish MAMELUKE, Greg Storer
First-Shorthanded PANACEA, Gus MacDonald
Double Handed Trophy CHOUCAS, Frederic Cosandey
First Family MAKAI, Jeff White
Navigator’s Trophy RESTIVE, George Denny
First, Class A (electronic) HAWKE Sam Vineyard
First, Class B (electronic) MAD DASH, Eric Cerny
First, Class C (celestial) RESTIVE, George Denny
First, Class D (electronic) CASSIOPEIA, Laura Sudarsky
First, Class E (electronic) PANACEA, Gus MacDonald
First, Class M (Multi-hulls) HEARTSEASE, Lars Svensson
First, Mini-Class Alden 44/45 CHECKMATE, Frank Flores
First, Mini-Class Beneteau 42 CASSIOPEIA, Laura Sudarsky
First, Mini-Class Hinckley SW 51/52 KIVA, Mark Stevens
Beneteau Trophy PANAMA RED, Rebecca Bioty
Corporation of Hamilton Trophy BERMUDA OYSTER, Paul Hubbard
Adams Trophy LIBERTY, Ward McElhinny
Naval Academy Trophy SWIFT, Colin Chandler
Commodores’ Cup RESTLESS, Mark Scheffer
Town of Marion Trophy CORDELIA, Roy Greenwald
Bermuda Longtail Trophy HAWKE, Sam Vineyard
Deborah Anne Domenie Trophy FANDANGO, Christopher Streit
The Bartram Trophy SWIFT, Colin Chandler
Ocean Spray Marion-Bermuda Team Trophy BEVERLY YACHT CLUB
Robert E. Bavier, Jr. Seamanship-Sportsman Award FLASHPOINT, John Mollicone
Commodore Faith Paulsen Trophy PANAMA RED, Rebecca Bioty
RHADC "Past Commodores" Trophy PANACEA, Gus MacDonald
Beverly "Polaris" Trophy RESTIVE, George Denny