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Team One Newport R&W Rope Elvstrom Sails New England - Harding Sails The Hinkley Yacht Center Kingman Yacht Center Life Raft and Survival Equipment Landfall Navigation
First Overall (celestial) SPINACHE, James Lawless
First Overall (electronic) SOLACE, David Owen
First-to-Finish VERITAS, Philip Hutchinson
First-Shorthanded (celestial) PANACEA, Gus MacDonald
First-Shorthanded (electronic) SOLACE, David Owen
First Family (celestial) SOLUTION, Carter Bacon, Jr.
First Family (electronic) RHAPSODY, Matthew Asaro
Navigator’s Trophy SPINACHE, Randy Graham
First, Class A (celestial) WILDFLOWER, Ron Noonan
First, Class A (electronic) DESPEDIDA, Nicholas Cannistraro
First, Class B (celestial) SPINACHE, James Lawless
First, Class B (electronic) VERITAS, Phil Hutchinson
First, Class D (electronic) SOLACE, David Own
Corporation of Hamilton Trophy BERMUDA OYSTER, Paul Hubbard
Adams Trophy SEAFLOWER, Ron Chevrier
Naval Academy Trophy DESPEDIDA, Nicholas Cannistraro
Commodores’ Cup FIDDLER’S GREEN, David Patton & Jack Noble
Town of Marion Trophy KITTY HAWK, Gerrit Sanford
Bermuda Longtail WILDFLOWER, Ron Noonan
Deborah Anne Domenie Trophy SINN FEIN, Peter Robovich
Bartram Trophy LIVELY, Midshipman Michael Smith
Ocean Spray Marion-Bermuda Team Trophy Harrasseket Yacht Club
Robert E. Bavier, Jr. Seamanship-Sportsman Award Not Awarded