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Race Registration

Skipper, Administrator (not on board during race) or Coach (on board during race): In order to register or continue a registration for the Marion to Bermuda race you must first log in to this website. If you don’t already have an account you must create an account based on your email address. Persons from prior races may already have an account; use your email as username and either use your password or indicate Forgot Password to have your password reset.

Crew: Crew is invited by the skipper (or coach/administrator) who enters their name and email on the team pages of the registration. Crew will receive an email with either indication that they can log in to their existing account or a new account with their log in credentials. If you missed your email invitation, log in with the email used by your skipper and either use your current password or indicate “lost password” to have your password reset. Properly listed crew should see that they are associated with a registered yacht. If you have an existing website account and log in but don’t see that you are associated with a registered yacht contact your skipper.