Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race

Gulf Stream & Weather

Local Observations

Gulf Stream References

National Weather Service (NOAA)
Current conditions for MA and RI,
tides for MA and RI, and
coastal weather forecasts for the region
W. Frank Bohlen
Gulf Stream and Weather Information on the Web
Local Weather
Rutgers University
Sea surface temperatures
Weather Where You Sail
W. Frank Bohlen
A Brief Gulf Stream Tutorial
National Weather Service (NOAA)
National Hurrican Center
W. Frank Bohlen
The Gulf Stream Near The Rhumb Line Southern New England to Bermuda May 13, 2013 - An Analysis of Conditions
National Weather Service (NOAA)
Coastal Forecasts by Zone - Boston, MA
W. Frank Bohlen
The Gulf Stream Near The Rhumb Line Southern New England to Bermuda May 27, 2013 An Analysis of Conditions

Bermuda Observations

North Atlantic References

Bermuda Harbour Radio
Current Weather Conditions
Real Time Buoy Observations
Current Weather Conditions
Northeast U.S. - significant wave height and wave direction
  National Weather Service (NOAA)
Marine Radiofax Charts
Hurricane & Storm Tracking

Navigation References

Weather Resources

U.S. Coast Guard
Local notices to mariners
Locus Weather
Custom Weather Forecasting for Marion Bermuda Race
Office of Coast Survey (NOAA)
On-Line Chart Viewer
Herb Hilgenberg/Southbound II
Ship-Routing & Weather Forecasting
  Weather Routing, Inc.
Meteorological Consulting
  Commanders’ Weather
Marine Weather Forecasts for Racing
  Jenifer Clark
Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream
  Lee Chesneau
Marine Weather
Marion Bermuda Weather Forecasts

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